Visual Arts Portfolio Review Requirements

Instructions for

GoTo and create an account 

(your preferred email does not have to be a Yahoo account)

  • From your Flickr account screen
    • Click on the Upload pastedGraphic.png icon at the top of the screen window
    • Click Choose photos and videos to upload
    • Navigate to your portfolio folder: name_floartsaudition_portfolio
    • Select all the images in the folder and click Upload photos
  • Back in Flickr window
    • Choose Add to Album from the pop up menu 
    • Click Create a New Album and Arrange images in large window 
      • under Album title: yourname_floartsaudition_portfolio 
      • under Description: new media design 2019 or photography 2019
      • Click Save
  • Back in main screen
    • select Albums from the menu items 
    • Double Click: yourname_floartsaudition_portfolio 
    • verify that all looks good
    • Click the Share Album icon then Click Share album to Email 
      • under Name : 
      • under Include a message: 
        • yourname Audition Portfolio 
        • new media design 2019 or photography 2019
        • Click Share pastedGraphic_1.png