Patricia Crotty

Patricia Crotty
office: 386-312-4310

M.F.A (Directing) University of Alabama
B.F.A (Theatre) Mississippi University for Women

To foster talent and creativity
To recognize the individual artistic spirit in each student
To meet each moment of class and rehearsal with full attention
To bring imaginary people and places into existence in the minds of theatre audiences and artists
To collaborate with peers, colleagues, students and friends
To surprise, astonish, amuse, confuse, confound, comfort, move, uplift and challenge students and audiences
To constantly explore and experiment with the creative process
To plan, organize, analyze, discover and rehearse texts, characters, moments, and productions
To prepare for rehearsal
To rehearse together
And refine the process
To rehearse again
And refine some more
To learn
To learn
To learn
Then to rehearse what we’ve learned together
To learn some more
And then rehearse some more
To work as a team
To learn as a team
To learn to work as a team
As a part of the team to grow as an artist, and as a person, by going through these processes with all the commitment, dignity, compassion and integrity of which I am capable.
To challenge my students to do the same.